In the advent of revolutionary textile advances in the activewear market, a new age of
‘sci-fi sport’ is born; variegated stripes, mixed textures and hybridized prints meld with
futuristic details to re-define sport. Alpha creates an odyssey in surface treatments, with
bubble relief checkerboard outerwear quilting and laser-cut pleated novelty layers. The
synthesis of multiple stitch types in sweaters creates a fusion of textures that embody a
neo luxe, while the interplay of black with aqua and white offers a modern
multidimensional sport palette.

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Delving off the beaten track somewhere between chaos and order, exists a beauty in dissonance; a new fashion landscape emerges with diffused, weathered and eroded textures. Mottled prints and haphazard fur in graphite and black are infused with bursts of invigorating kiwi and off-white, composing a strikingly vivid symbiotic contrast. Tactile luxury achieves an edgy decadence with artfully disheveled multi layer novelties that add a fibrous dimension to style, and highlight the charm of the innate discord in nature. The Fall 2014 Inspired Style – SPANNER collection is in stores now and the first group is LIMESTONE.

#InspiredStyle #Spanner #Fall2014 #Fashion #Collection #Limestone