NORTHSTAR March Market – St.Paul


Join us for our Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday March 31st – April 2nd market!  The March Market will be featuring over 150 exhibitors, representing over 1,000 apparel and accessory lines.   Expect to see women’s and children’s apparel exhibitors offering Fall 2015 and Spring at once.

Our Buyer’s Lounge area, located just outside the Exhibition Hall, will be serviced from 7:30am – 4:00pm. The Lounge will be continuously stocked and is free of charge to you with hot coffee, tea, soda, breads, muffins, granola bars, bananas, yogurt, cookies, and much more.  For lunch, we invite you to try the delicious and affordable $7.00 lunch buffet in the rotunda area or the amazing food at the Headwater’s Café, which is located just one floor above the Exhibition Hall.  Wear your Buyer’s Badge to the café and receive a 30% discount on all purchases.

Browser Hour begins after show hours on Tuesday evening from 6:15-7:30pm and Wednesday morning before show hours from 7:00-8:15am.  Browser Hour is meant to help you find new product while leisurely walking through the Exhibition Hall without Exhibitors present.  Find a new line or two to attract a new customer or increase your sales with existing customers.  Complimentary beverages and appetizers will be served Tuesday evening and complimentary coffee and breakfast items will be served Wednesday morning!

Join us Wednesday evening at Patrick McGovern’s Pub, just two blocks away from the River Centre, for a Retailer & Exhibitor party!  The party will take place from 6:30-9:00pm and include one complementary beverage of choice and appetizers.

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Silky smooth style…


DESERT SILK – Luxurious silk blend fluid knits bring comfort and sophistication together. An earthy, natural colour pallet is perfect for long summer days and nights. Styles can be worn alone or layered, allowing for each outfit to take on a personality of its own.

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Preview F15 @ Stylemax, Chicago



March 21-­24 2015 Chicago STYLEMAX Style

Over 300 exhibitors represent the best in contemporary, bridge, better and accessories. The show continues to grow with the expansion EXCLUSIVE in Chicago and the newest addition of Gift & Home.

STYLEMAX is the leading women’s apparel and accessory trade show running 4 times per year at the Merchandise Mart, in Chicago. Each season the show hosts an extensive array of exhibitors from various categories such as: Contemporary, Bridge, Better, Accessories and many more. The show is located on the 7th Floor of the Merchandise Mart with over 100,000 square feet of booth space.

Launched in March 2000, this will be the 15th year for STYLEMAX. The show continues to grow each year with new categories being added such as Childrenswear, Activewear & the newest addtion of Gift at STYLEMAX.


March 31-­April 2 2015 St.Paul Northstar MN Show

April 12­‐13 2015 Michigan Lavonia Metro Show

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Spring in Full Swing


Get active this SPRING with Inspired Style.  We have you covered for all your favorite outdoor activities so you can be comfortable all day.  SPANNER ACTIVE is infused with over 43 years of iconic fashion that now has functionality for the modern woman.

Make sure you look for the “Key Item”

They are key styles for building your wardrobe Cross listed style from Inspired Style Collection.

Moisture Wicking Technology – Yarns to keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

Water Resistant Technology – Fabric is treated to shed water.

Essentials – Wardrobe building basics, always in stock at great prices!




Bloom Outerwear


Thistle Print Coat
100% Polyester
Sizes: 2-18

BLOOM – A feminine collection with a retro botanical feeling.
Mauve continues as a strong colour in florals and gets mixed with
checkerboard patterns and contrasted with black and white.
Pretty prints mix with contemporary graphics for a new “Active” approach.

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GRANDE PRIX – Sporty collection with cutting edge
striping, mesh and panelled insets. Sophisticated colour pallet of Slate,
Persimmon and Meringue popped with stark white accents. Sleek mixes of
urban chic with upscale casual silhouettes.

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Fashion & Beauty

Stylish fall outfits from Spanner

Aired: 08:51

Stylist Lynn Spence loves showing off the fashions from Spanner because they’re accessible for women of every size, with every style and every budget!


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The new season embarks on sleek architectural dimensions, and arithmetical inspirations;
structural forms, angled geometrics and laser cut precision lay a new foundation of style.
Perforated panel details, graphic jacquards and fractured colour blocking combine to add
sport-luxe elements to jet set style. Clean combinations of black with periwinkle and dark
taupe create a bold, insistent rhythm with minimal embellishments, while dimensional
surfaces dominate with the inventive employment of ribbing, mixed media and blocked
stitch detail.


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Nestle into a new evolution of artful opulence and organic landscapes; an enveloping
luxury emerges with tree motifs and ice floe prints in cool, icy tones. A crisp palette of soft
blues and greys are frosted with off-white to evoke a new casual narrative of the natural
world in crystal trestles and snow covered horizons. Foil printed sherpa and faux fur craft
a nurturing cocoon of lush textures, while quilted outerwear imprinted with winter
scenes and snow flecked clouds reflect the perfect touch of contemporary whimsy.

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The preciousness of natural beauty gets immortalized with fossilized pinks; crystallized
washes of pink mix with marbled charcoal and off-white to fuse a raw, elemental artistry.
Inky prints and appliqued novelties with a homespun feel combine with ombre knits and
streaked long hair faux fur sherpa for an all encompassing prismatic vision of casual

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